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About Grandhall

Grandhall has a long successful history in the field of barbecue, heating and gas valve industry. Since 1976, Grandhall has been known as one of the largest gas grill manufacturers in the world.

As a brand, Grandhall is trusted for its high performance, stylish finish and innovative features. Most importantly, every prodcut we build is designed to ignite your passion for the Australian BBQ style.

Especially the built-in barbecues of Grandhall have improved considerably in recent years and are very popular. Create your own outdoor kitchen for a good price. In addition, we listen carefully to feedback from our customers and always try to keep improving.

Grandhall History

  • 1976 – Grandhall established in Taiwan
  • 1993 – Focus Lifestyle R&D cooperative
  • 2005 – Grandhall brand launched in Europe
  • 2007 – Cooperation with Porsche Design Studio
  • 2007 – Introduction Freedom barbecue serie
  • 2008 – Introduction Crossray® infrared technology
  • 2012 – Introduction Integrill® Technology
  • 2019 – Introduction “re-engineered” Grandhall G-series