Tips for using the smoker box

Smoking gives food a distinctive, delicious flavour. You will find a variety of Grandhall wood chips  available for use in smoking grilled foods. Pre-soaking of wood chips may be required so read and follow the instructions on the Grandhall wood chips packaging for preparation of smoking chips prior to filling the Smoker.

In order to get optimum performance from any smoker box, remove one of the cooking grids. Fill the smoker box with your prepared smoking chips. Dried herbs and spices may also be added to produce different flavours. Place the filled smoker box directly over the Flame Tamer and the heat will produce smoke and season the food.

You can reduce the strength of the smoke flavour by only smoking for half or three quarters of the cooking time. The heat required for smoking is normally low to medium. Foods naturally high in oils lend themselves well to smoking, while drier foods benefit from a marinade. You can also rub the food with herbs, spices or flavoured oils.

Grandhall flavours are Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Beech and Whiskey Oak.